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World Pulse Community Mentors

World Pulse Mentors are dedicated to holding space, asking deep questions and actively listening to grassroots leaders working on transformative projects online and on the ground. Collectively, there is no limit to the amount of impact that these partnerships can make.

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Circle the Globe

This powerful program builds strong and supportive relationships between longtime World Pulse leaders and grassroots changemakers. All are dedicated to one vision: Circling the globe in strong, supportive relationships.

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Build Lasting Impact

Mentees are building impact online and on the ground as part of the Featured Changemaker program. You can make a huge difference in a global leader's life!

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Hear the Stories

Hear directly from those who have been impacted by connections they have made on World Pulse.

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Hear what the mentors have to say

Stella Paul

“We are sisters. We are friends. It's so amazing. The learning and inspiration flows in both ways.”

Mary Bennett

“It is always a good experience to be a support for an emerging female leader.”


“I am grateful for being here. It has awakened my own vision. It's priceless. ”

Hear what mentees have to say

Veronica Ngum Ndi

“I have changed the way I feel about myself as a woman with disability because my Mentor told me she has a sister with a disability who is her inspiration.”


“Having a mentor is great. Having one who is empathetic, loving and encouraging is super!”

Keturah Shammah

“My mentor is the best ever gift to my life and work.”

Meet the World Pulse Community Mentors


“Joined Jan 2014”

Anj Ana

“Joined Dec 2016”

Basudha Modak

“Joined Mar 2018”


“Joined Dec 2008”


“Joined Feb 2009”

Emily Miki

“Joined Feb 2015”

Judy Annet

“Joined Jan 2014”

Kristine Yakhama

“Joined Aug 2014”

Kirthi Jayakumar

“Joined Oct 2012”

Megha Venketasamy

“Joined Nov 2013”

Sally Maforchi Mboumien

“Joined Jan 2016”

Paulina Lawsin

“Joined Sep 2010”


“Joined Jul 2018”

Shirin Dalaki

“Joined Feb 2018”

Stella Paul

“Joined Sep 2010”


“Joined Oct 2012”

Seema Khandale

“Joined Sep 2019”

Sherna Benjamin Alexander

“Joined Jun 2014”


“Joined Jun 2020”

Tamarack Verrall

“Joined Jan 2014”