World Pulse Encouragers

World Pulse Encouragers


The World Pulse community ensures that every story on our platform receives an encouraging comment. We believe that every woman’s voice can make a difference and that when women are heard and connected, women have the power to change the world. Your encouraging comment could change another woman’s life!

Impact Her Life

Looking for a way to impact women around the globe from your living room? Comments are the first step on World Pulse to make a connection and show support for one another.

Encourage a woman.

Build Deep Connections

Join us the last Friday of each month for a live Encourager Party. In one hour you'll get to meet other Encouragers, share stories, learn new tips and practice encouraging.

Register in advance for this meeting.

Get Started

Be part of our community of Encouragers. Not sure how to get started? Take a look at these tips and tricks to get started today.

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Featured Encouragers

The most active World Pulse Encouragers share the value they get from engaging with women changemakers and storytellers across World Pulse.

Susu Mohamed

“Encouragement means giving knowledge, guidance and support to the women who need so they can make an informed decisions and participate the building and improving their community. Encouraging means empowering, strengthening and boosting women’s confidence in themselves, so that they can have the courage to take initiatives in education, work and decision- making regarding their communities. A progressive community is built by giving women opportunity to participate in its building foundations.”


“I can sit here and write my story but I want to share the glory, I want to show the world what life mean and try and build strong dreams. I am here for the world to see and I want to fly please don't ask me why, to help everyone as much as I can makes my day. So thank you dear sisters let nothing stand in our way.”


CELEBRATE YOUR IMPACT: Monthly Encourager Parties

Encourager Parties take place every last Friday of the month at 2PM GMT. This once-a-month online gathering is an avenue to honor and appreciate the active encouragers and welcome new World Pulse members. Each party is divided into three main parts: 1) Inspiration and celebration from Featured Encouragers and leaders on World Pulse who share tips and stories about what motivates them. 2) Party time! Everyone on the call listens to music together while we go on World Pulse and read stories and leave comments. 3) Story time! We break into small breakout rooms and discuss the stories that resonated with us most.

Each call is inspiring and uplifting chance to join together united with a single purpose: TO ENCOURAGE.

Register to join our next Encourager Party here.