World Pulse Encouragers

World Pulse Encouragers


The World Pulse community ensures that every story on our platform receives an encouraging comment. We believe that every woman’s voice can make a difference and that when women are heard and connected, women have the power to change the world. Your encouraging comment could change another woman’s life!

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Looking for a way to impact women around the globe from your living room? Comments are the first step on World Pulse to make a connection and show support for one another.

Encourage a woman.

Build Deep Connections

Join us the last Friday of each month for a live Encourager Party. In one hour you'll get to meet other Encouragers, share stories, learn new tips and practice encouraging.

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Be part of our community of Encouragers. Not sure how to get started? Take a look at these tips and tricks to get started today.

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Featured Encouragers

The most active World Pulse Encouragers share the value they get from engaging with women changemakers and storytellers across World Pulse.

Marie Abanga

“There was a time in my life I was so overwhelmed with it all but had no one to talk with and get encouraged by. Today, I can talk with many sisters and encourage them to get by with fortitude. World Pulse offered me both a healing and encouraging platform, and giving back to my World Pulse sisters is the least I can do.”

Shirin Dalaki

“I encourage World Pulse sisters because I want to let them know that they matter and they have value. I encourage them so that they feel better about themselves. Encouragement means to me that I am being heard and I am being seen. It means that someone through heart connection cares about what I say and what I have said has made an impact. This intention allows space for love and connection and becomes full circle because the more we do it and the more feedback we get the more energized we become.”


“I live in a clime where women hardly get a seat at the table. We experience the 'fortune' of being seen, used, dumped, and never heard. Having an opinion is perceived as rebellion, and often, a woman would need to be apologetic for any success or breakthrough. Hence, I was ecstatic when I joined the global sisterhood of World Pulse, where I find fulfillment in making each sister feel complete and whole. If we don't rise for each other, watch each other's backs, celebrate one another, be empathetic and encouraging...who will? Women and girls have suffered too much and for too long. The time to be heard, to be seen, and to be felt is now!”