World Pulse Encouragers

World Pulse Encouragers


The World Pulse community ensures that every story on our platform receives an encouraging comment. We believe that every woman’s voice can make a difference and that when women are heard and connected, women have the power to change the world. Your encouraging comment could change another woman’s life!

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Looking for a way to impact women around the globe from your living room? Comments are the first step on World Pulse to make a connection and show support for one another.

Encourage a woman.

Build Deep Connections

Join us the last Friday of each month for a live Encourager Party. In one hour you'll get to meet other Encouragers, share stories, learn new tips and practice encouraging.

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Be part of our community of Encouragers. Not sure how to get started? Take a look at these tips and tricks to get started today.

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Featured Encouragers

The most active World Pulse Encouragers share the value they get from engaging with women changemakers and storytellers across World Pulse.

Paulina Lawsin

“When I feel overwhelmed by work and personal stuff, I would log on to World Pulse and listen to stories of sisters. I feel inspired and awed by the faith, persistence and articulateness of sisters most of the time. I encourage them. And without them knowing that by sharing their stories, they are contributing to my body of knowledge on the lived experiences of women and prompt me to serve more and better. For this, I am truly grateful.”

Adriana Greenblatt

“Why do I encourage? For me it is such a learning for me every time I read a woman's story. I learn about the different manifestations of women's struggles in other parts of the world, and time and time again am also struck by the universality of our experiences. I encourage not only for learning, more recently, for healing. The feeling of knowing I lift up a young woman sharing for the first time and finding her voice is simply, beyond words."”


“Encouragement means lifting someone's soul, making them have a sense of hope, appreciating what they do and building self esteem'. Encouraging people is part of me not only on World Pulse but on my everyday life. When I encourage it means, keep pushing, stay strong and never give up.”

Meet Our Encouragers

Kika Katchunga
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Yusra Shaukat
Marie Abanga
Mercy Kusi
Shameela Yoosuf Ali
United Kingdom
Erena Bayessa