October Encourager Party (Plus Aspire Resolve Conference Announcement!)

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Posted November 3, 2020 from Philippines

"Encouraging others not only makes them feel good, it makes me feel good, too”- Renee Swope

Our monthly Encourager Party gets better month after month!  This time, we have a male attendee, Sujit, and new World Pulse sisters with us! Awesome!

World Pulse organizes Encourager Parties every last Friday of the month, 2PM GMT. This is a time to gather new Encouragers, appreciate the active ones, celebrate Featured Encouragers, share tips, encourage sisters on World Pulse together, and listen to Encouragers' responses. As always, an hour is not enough, because an hour is time spent well when you are with Encouragers!

Our fifth Encourager took place on October 30, 2020. I would like to give a shout-out to the earliest of the early birds: Fanka Maurine (Cameroon). She was there minutes ahead before the World Pulse team log on Zoom. Then there's, Meenakshi (India), Mae Ann (Philippines-Ireland), Jill (USA- Spain), and Nini (Kenya-Australia).

Dawn Arteaga, our superb World Pulse Community Director,  was the main host of the party. She welcomed everyone, asked them to participate in the poll, and to introduce themselves on the chatbox. Manasa,  brilliant Community Engagement Coordinator, helped with the transcription on the chatbox. 

It was the night where we acknowledged and celebrated our *October Featured Encouragers! They were those who were consistent in writing quality comments on World Pulse stories. They are Marie Abanga (Cameroon), Shirin Dalaki (USA), and E.J. (Nigeria). We asked them to read their quotes on what is encouragement to them or why they encourage on World Pulse. I recommend you check the recorded video on their responses because each has beautiful words to say. If you registered for the event, you will receive the recordings. If not, kindly reach out to me or Manasa so we can share the link with you. 

It was a lovely time to listen to why they are encouraging on World Pulse. Sincere people with kind hearts are rare in this wounded world. Thanks to World Pulse for bringing us together.

After we cheered and congratulated our Featured Encouragers, we read Anne-Chantal’s quote:

"The stories I felt really mattered to me, I put up on World Pulse. The comments were heartwarming and touching. I met ladies I never knew. There were none of my stories the encouragers didn't react on and they sent too much support and love. I felt happy to belong to this group of sisters and I then saw the big picture of the World Pulse sisterhood. So I made a conscious decision to participate in the World Pulse Forum more often, not just in a bid to return the sisterhood love I have so generously been given, but because I know that this is a place where what I write will be seen by this big family I now belong to and my voice will go further. Thank you World Pulse for the gift of Sisterhood."

(When the Encourager Team comes across quotes related to encouragement, we highlight them at the Encourager Parties to let encouragers see their impact when leaving supportive comments.)

Before I share encouraging tips,  I took the opportunity to thank  "World Pulse Encouragers for your support and encouragement to me, from the time I joined World Pulse to the time I had that unforgettable speaking engagement at the Aspire Reinvent Conference. 

I know who I was before I joined this global platform and how much I have grown just by being an active Encourager. To be able to speak about encouragement so passionately before 1500 women leaders at Aspire was a testament to how your encouragement uplifts me and empowers me through all these years.

Whatever opportunities I have today and in the future, dear encouragers, you are all part of my journey. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

These were my two tips for Encouragers:

  1. Mention your storyteller’s name!
  2. Build on the existing comments/replies on the post

(Note: From the month of June to October, we have accumulated 14 Encourager Tips! If you want a copy, kindly reach out to our beloved Manasa.)

After the sharing of tips, it was also a moment to listen to Hawwah's short yet meaningful quote: 

"Being with World Pulse has taught me that I have always been enough. I just didn’t know it."

The activities mentioned above were preparation for PARTY TIME! The time was set for 15 minutes for encouragers to enjoy good music while leaving comments on World Pulse stories.

After that, the meeting was divided into four breakout sessions. This is a time where Encouragers get to share what World Pulse posts resonated with them. Jill. Alyssa, Dawn of the World Pulse team facilitated the breakout sessions.

An hour quickly passed during Encourager Parties. As always, some World Pulse sisters want to chat longer and enjoy each other’s presence. Just looking at each Encourager’s face is an encouragement in itself. With all the troubles that surround us in the world today, knowing that there are encouragers who make a difference on this platform brings courage, strength, and hope.

Dear Encouragers, I hope you know that impact you are creating on World Pulse, one comment at a time. I know it changed my life. I hope you keep on keeping on. You have no idea who you are empowering. Thank you for making World Pulse a COMMUNITY of ENCOURAGERS! You rock!


Please share about encouragement on this Call for Stories: Stronger Together.

Special announcement: Our World Pulse Ambassador Busayo Obisakin (Nigeria) is one of the speakers at the upcoming Aspire Resolve UnConference on December 3-4, 2020, 3PM-8PM UK Time. Busayo has been with World Pulse since 2009. Check out her inspiring story on her World Pulse page. It will be a joyful moment to listen to her as she talks about “Creating your Life the Way you Want It & Finding your Own Truth”

Great News!  Our beloved Jill once again secured 100 FREE passes for World Pulse sisters. If you want to join and participate, please send you name, country, and email address to her (while supply lasts). First come, first serve! A shoutout of thanks to you, Jill!

It would be a wonderful opportunity to connect, expand our network, and learn something new, but most of all cheer on our last month’s Featured Encourager Busayo!

Hope to see you at the Aspire Conference! 

Hope to see you again at the next Encourager Party (November 27, 2020)! Register here: https://bit.ly/EncouragerParty

Check your timezone here: http://bit.ly/EncouragerPartyTimezones 



This story was submitted in response to Stronger Together.

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Nov 03
Nov 03

Great recap, Kaye.
Thanks for all you do. We especially appreciate your sacrifice.
Stay safe in the hollow of His hands as He has absolute control of typhoons!

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Hello, sis E.J,

I appreciate you more! You're so amazing! The memory of you joining your first Encourager Party and how you just start encouraging after that makes this feature a well-deserved recognition. I am so proud of you, dear sister! We are safe, dear. Thank you for being there all throughout the storms. :D

Honorine Ngenwi
Nov 03
Nov 03

Wow our honourable town carrier hahaha whats a digestive and delicious one. Thanks for every thing, detailed information and making those who did not attend feel like they are also part of the party and its happening just now.
Lots of love my dearest sister ahead ahead. Forward ever backward never
Hurrey. Thanks to the kind who was there to hold ferm the ladies hands more grace to his albow. My problem of not attending the party is blackout. Its occurs everyday at a particular time that is from 12pm to 8pm Cameroon time.
Hugs xx

Hello, sis Honorine,

Hahaha. You're funny. I do my best to update everyone on what took place. It's always a lovely event when encouragers gather together. For me, even just seeing you all online, without words or program, I am already encouraged. :D

I'm sorry about the blackout, dear. No worries. You can watch the recordings. I hope you can join us next time. Hugs!

J Brenda Lanyero
Nov 03
Nov 03

Hello Karen.
Thanks for the highlights of what took place at the event. I loved the sisterhood energy, it was really amazing and it overwhelmed me with joy just seeing the faces of some of the sisters over there. I felt a blanket of love and appreciation over me. I was one of the people who wanted to stay longer.

Thank you so much to you and the entire team. I appreciate you and the work you do. sending you sisterhood love and hugs.

Hello, JB, I hope you keep on encouraging because I can see you could be the next in line as a Featured Encourager. Keep up the great work, dear. I'm happy that you feel love and appreciation. Ahh yes, it's really lovely to just have a chitchat with the rest of the sisters if we only have the luxury of time. I hope to see you again next Friday. Thank you, dear. We appreciate you, too! Hugs!

Jill Langhus
Nov 04
Nov 04

Hello Kaye,

Thanks for another wonderful synopsis of the last Encourager Party. I was sad that I got my electricity cut off during the breakout session, but I'm glad that Dawn put Alessandra in my group and that she was able to pick up where we left off, and that I was able to come back on and say goodbye.

Thanks, too, for highlighting Busayo and the Aspire event. It's going to be a great one!


Thank you, JLo. Oh, I'm sorry to know that your electricity got cut off. Yikes. I don't enjoy power outages, really. Dawn is such an expert troubleshooter. :)

You're welcome, dear. My pleasure. :D

Jill Langhus
Nov 20
Nov 20

You're welcome! Yeah, it was a little nerve wracking, but it happens here. Ha.

Yes, she is. Sorry you missed the Thriving Thursday call yesterday. It was interesting on Google Meet:-)

Hope you have a good, safe weekend. XX

Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of Spain. I haven't tried Google Meet yet. Hope to see you tomorrow. :D

Jill Langhus
Nov 27
Nov 27

You're welcome:-) See you soon!

Nini Mappo
Nov 05
Nov 05

Hello chronicler Kaye Love :)
Thank you for the summary and invitation to Aspire. Heading there now to check the dates/availability.
Hugs and sparkles :)

Thank you, Nini love. :D It's my pleasure. :D

Queen Sheba D Cisse
Nov 06
Nov 06

Greetings my dear Karen , sending big thanks you(s) for all the support and help here for all of us old timers and new comers. Hip hip hooray! I am sure we all appreciate you, thanks to sis Jill and your remembering to invite me to the Aspire Conference as well,
#togetherwestand! #encouragedwomenrock!

Mama Queen

Sending you back big hugs, Mama Queen. Thank you so much. :D

Shirin Dalaki
Nov 06
Nov 06

Dear Karen,

I like to thank you for taking the time and outlining the encourager party for us. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to do what you do and I appreciate your generosity and putting your heart and soul into what you love the most. It was so apparent in your speech at Aspire conference and could feel your passion to serve, encourage and uplift. You rock and you are a great example for us to follow. Also, thank you for mentioning my name and other dear sisters and acknowledge the effort we put on World Pulse. It means a lot to me. Together we are stronger and God bless us all.


Hello, dear Shirin,

Awwww. Your words just went straight to my heart and touched me. I hope you know that you have the same effect on me, my sister. Thank you for being an encourager who writes from the heart. The connection is deep. You so deserve the recognition, dear. We appreciate you! Thank you for helping women feel heard and seen! God bless us all. :D

Nov 09
Nov 09

Great article Karen. Keep it flowing.
I am a new writer here. Would be great if you can give me your comments as well 2.https://www.worldpulse.com/comment/257187?comment=257187#comment-257187

Thank you, Jackline. Welcome to World Pulse! Sure. I will be reading it now. Thanks for sharing the link with me.